Production printing products changes

Canon has announced its intention to transition its production printing products to a separate dedicated Canon Group entity, Océ Australia, to enable greater focus to this specialised market segment.

The change is planned for 1 January 2018, at which point customers should not notice any major changes.

Yusuke Mizoguchi, Managing Director, Canon Oceania said the change is part of the Canon Group’s growth strategy for professional print.

“Canon recognises the importance of this category and the need to provide access to expertise and service excellence to customers whose businesses depend on the quality of Océ products. Canon and Océ aim to continue their strong presence in the printing industry, building on an enhanced scale and a combined history of innovation and excellent customer service,” said Mizoguchi.

Anton Schaaf, CEO and President Océ globally, said the change in its go-to market approach for production printing products is all about enhancing customer service.

“Océ is renowned for its quality and engineering excellence. Australia and the wider Oceania region is a unique and strategically important market for us. This allows us to be more connected to our customers and provide more direct support when they need it most”.

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