Kick Start Evolution

Introducing Kick Start, a range of exciting offers built around the award-winning Arizona flatbed and Colorado roll-to-roll printers.

We’ll show you how.

We understand that the current environment presents challenges to the ways of the print industry as a whole.

Designed to support forward thinking printers expanding their business horizons, Kick Start includes up to $40,000 of application and productivity boosting value add’s, with the award winning Arizona and Colorado wide-format solutions.

It’s big, and here to help you evolve your business to maximise profitability from new market trends, with a wider range of wide-format applications.

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Arizona Kick Start

With the purchase of any new Arizona 1200 or 2200 Flatbed until 20 December 2020, the Arizona Kick Start includes:*

Two additional ink channels

That is an Arizona 1280 or 2280, for the price of a 1260 or 2260.

Kick Start flexibility of colour gamut, quality, and open the doors to potential increased production speed.

Plus a full set of inks

To Kick Start your production with ease.

A complimentary range of high quality ink for indoor and outdoor applications.

Automatic Maintenance

Automatic Maintenance for uninterrupted printing. Quick, hands-free maintenance of any ink channel, with the purchase of any new Arizona 1200.


Industry leading software Touchstone to Kick Start your journey to new applications and high end markets by printing multiple layers easily, resulting in printed effects that mimic textured surfaces, embossing, metallic accents and raised lettering.

Arizona Xpert

Do it smarter with Arizona Xpert and create complex, multi-layered projects for higher-value business. Save time in preparing complex jobs and save money with reject-free printing with Arizona Xpert’s self-learning capacity.

Colorado Kick Start

The Colorado Kick Start ­­includes 16 litres of ink, absolutely free.*

That’s enough to kick start over 2,500m2 of print**, at no additional cost to you!

The Colorado Kick Start is available until 20 December 2020.

Canon’s Colorado roll to roll printer has already changed the way wide format printers operate giving you fast print speeds, low cost of operation, easy automation and the ability to print matte or gloss on a wide range of substrates.

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* Full Terms and Conditions apply. You can view these terms and conditions here for Arizona Kick Start and here for Colorado Kick Start. All offers are subject to stock and availability.

** Amount of print dependent on image coverage. This example based on 6 ml per square metre which equates to current average Colorado consumption.