Pegasus Media and Logistics impressed by productivity and ink saving of Canon VarioPRINT iX3200

Tuesday 25/07/2023

Sydney based printer, Pegasus Media and Logistics, recently installed the Canon VarioPRINT iX3200 from Canon Production Printing Australia to meet customer demand and boost productivity at their digital print centre of excellence.

This technologically advanced printer is an integration of highly innovative Canon iQuariusiX technologies that makes it possible to transport a wide range of media and print at incredibly high speeds with stunning image quality – the perfect print solution for postcards, books, magazines, catalogues and direct mail pieces with targeted content.

Housed in its own temperature and humidity-controlled room at their newly enhanced, custom built digital centre in Blacktown, the new highspeed inkjet printer delivered an impressive performance.

Mark Atkinson, General Manager – Operations at Pegasus Media and Logistics said, “The Canon VarioPRINT iX made a significant impact from its first job.  The quality is excellent and our customers have commented that it is indistinguishable from offset print. This is due to its ability to print 320 images per minute at a resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch and the pigment-based water inks enabling it to print on a wide range of coated and uncoated papers at varying weights. We haven’t yet fully utilised all the colour settings, but even in ink saving mode, the result is better than any of our other digital printers.”

Pegasus Media and Logistics are a full-service production and distribution printer. Established in 2022 through the merger of multiple companies, Pegasus now operates under one roof in Blacktown. It is one of Australia’s largest print production companies, and its Digital Centre is one of the country’s largest on-demand book printers.

On choosing the VarioPRINT iX3200, Mark Atkinson notes that there were several compelling factors for Pegasus, including the print quality, productivity and flexibility. “We spoke to other printers overseas as part of our due diligence who had installed an i300 or an iX3200, and their reviews were exceptionally good, especially when it came to productivity with a high uptime and only a fraction of the delays due to issues in imaging or transport. The error correction mechanisms to ensure precision and consistency were also a deciding factor”.

The introduction of the iX3200 presents a range of exciting applications and business opportunities for Pegasus. Its capability to deliver Print-On-Demand services at the highest quality opens doors in the educational sector, particularly for textbooks and children’s readers. The iX3200 will also address the needs of the corporate market by offering document supplies. Additionally, the iX3200 will serve Pegasus as an excellent offset replacement for short to medium runs, eliminating the requirement for large print volumes and minimising excess inventory whilst ensuring uncompromising quality.

With its diverse range of applications, the iX3200 presents the perfect solution for printers wanting to seize new opportunities and drive growth. So commercial printers can say “Yes” to virtually any job, based on the agreed turnaround time and price, then print it for more profit and more business.

Since the installation and initial shifts, Pegasus have been extremely impressed with the iX3200’s quality and performance. “Run lengths are reducing and many quantities are now below ten, so a machine that can change between jobs and even stocks without stopping is so much more efficient. We service multiple publishers who want to reduce inventory by using print on demand and the iX3200 is perfect for these projects.”