Game changer for CPX Printing and Logistics and the Australian publishing industry

Queensland based print company, CPX Printing and Logistics, have recently installed a Canon VarioPrint iX3200. They are impressed by the uptime and productivity and are confident it will help them extend their services to the Australian publishing industry.

James Bennett, Director at CPX said of their initial impressions, “it’s absolutely amazing technology. We now have 97% uptime with the Canon iX3200. To keep up with it, we’re pulling jobs from other offset press and toner machines and running them on the iX3200. If you spoke to my staff, they would say to you that the device is amazing.

Finding the perfect printing technology for CPX was not a decision taken lightly. “I visited over 12 sites across the world, looking for CPX’s sheet fed solution’’, said James and ultimately, the print quality, productivity and flexibility of the Canon varioPRINT iX3200 meant it was the obvious choice.

Now implemented in their Kelvin Grove print production and warehousing facilities, the team at CPX have found the adoption of Canon technology incredibly easy. “It was seamless, we were shocked at how fast we could adopt the technology. We have been working in the digital production environment for a very long time and we have a strong understanding of digital files. So, when you give us a product that works, it’s very simple.”

Brisbane based, CPX Printing and Logistics, are a privately owned business that have an extensive range of production services including on demand solutions, reducing customer held stock levels and associated long term inventory costs. CPX ship goods from the on demand production centre and their warehouse Australia wide – every day. As one of the biggest offset and digital printers in Queensland, the Canon iX3200 is the perfect tool to execute CPX’s plans to expand their reach even further.

Determined to increase their already significant share of the market, CPX are actively chasing the Australian publishing market. Their extensive array of print and binding options are perfect for POD, short and medium book runs and the warehouse and distribution centre constitute a complete solution for production, storage and distribution.

“We had a previous generation competitor inkjet before, but with the iX we have added a reliable engine that produces top quality, ideal for publishing work. We intend to aggressively attack the market and provide innovative solutions”, said James. “We have invested into the right machinery and we have developed systems that make it easy to work with us.”

Many print companies worldwide are now producing bookwork for publishing companies on the Canon varioPRINT iX-series. However, CPX are currently one of the only few Australian businesses that possess the Canon varioPRINT iX3200 technology along with in-house finishing equipment and the unique capabilities for flexible run lengths for publishing production.

The Canon varioPRINT iX-series revolutionises the commercial printing business experience. It combines stunning image quality and a wide media range with the high productivity and attractive cost efficiency of inkjet. So commercial printers can say “yes” to virtually any job, based on the agreed turnaround time and price, then print it for more profit and more business.

Of the varioPRINT iX-series, Craig Nethercott, Managing Director of Canon Production Printing Oceania said, “the appeal of inkjet is its excellent productivity in the face of ever tighter deadlines and higher volumes of short-run jobs needing quick changeovers. With the Canon varioPRINT iX-series, there’s no longer a need to compromise between quality and media range, or between productivity and cost efficiency. We have been very impressed in how quickly the team at CPX have embraced the new capabilities the iX3200 has delivered to their business and look forward to continuing to support them in their quest to change the publishing landscape here in Australia.

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