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Five ways print can enhance marketing campaigns

Experiencing digital fatigue? Are you tired of constant marketing emails from brands? Bored of getting the same old offers that don’t really add any benefit to you? Or are sent to you months after you were initially interested in an item? After all, brands should know you. You’ve purchased products or services from them in […]

Understanding Programmatic Print

If you’re unfamiliar with marketing automation, it’s wise to get acquainted. Marketing automation technology works with data gathered from a brand’s CRM (customer relationship management) platform to automate actions at different points in the customer lifecycle, for example triggering a marketing email when a prospect visits a website. Such platforms are now the norm, powered […]

Awaken customer’s senses and deliver results

People don’t care about brands. 77% of people wouldn’t miss a brand if it disappeared[1]. If you think about it, how much do you really care about the brands you buy from? As marketers, we push the customer centric approach. But how many of us are really listening to how or when they want to […]

Boost engagement and build long lasting relationships

A consumer hears the familiar ‘ding’ of their phone as another marketing email arrives in their inbox, shortly before it’s moved to the virtual rubbish bin without being read. Just like that, a brand has failed to gain their customer’s interest. In fact, according to MailChimp, the average email open rate is only 21.33%[1]. Brands […]

How to rescue digital marketing

Digital marketing has been high on brand owners’ agendas for much of the last decade, but for many marketing departments and their agencies it now dominates discussion for the wrong reasons. The fact is, digital isn’t working as well as it used to, because consumers are turning off from it in growing numbers. For some, […]

Bringing dynamic one-to-one marketing to life

WELL TARGETED PRINT IS EYE-CATCHING. PRINT ENGAGES THE RECIPIENT MORE DEEPLY SO THE MESSAGES ARE MORE IMPACTFUL THAN WORDS ON A SCREEN. Holger Kühnemann Sales Specialist, Eversfrank Consumers today face an ever increasing array of communication channels competing for their attention. How can brand owners and marketers bring their messages to the forefront and capture […]

New customers, new business

WE ARE NOW HAPPY THAT WE CAN OFFER A PREMIUM PRODUCT TO OUR CUSTOMERS THAT CAN MAINTAIN THEIR STANDARDS WITH NO COMPROMISE. Mauro Fontanari Managing director Grafica Veneta Watch Video Reducing print times and warehousing costs Producing in excess of 150 million magazines and books a year, Grafica Veneta, in Padua, Italy, is one of […]

Inkjet flexibility makes short-run printing beautiful

Transactional communications specialists Based in the Netherlands and Spain, AddComm Group helps businesses improve communications with book printing services, including automated delivery of transactional documents, direct marketing and customer communications. Digital poses print challenges With the move to digital channels, the demand for short run printing has slowed. Smaller jobs became uneconomical on AddComm’s continuous […]